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The New Testament

The Foundations of the Christian Faith

The Messiah promised in the old testament is finally presented here in the new testament. By reading his story we can get to know his person and figured out what advice he teaches us and how to help ourselves and others to be really happy and free with his life-guidance. It's an excellent opportunity to meet the creator of the universe. Start this adventure and never be the same again!.

List of Books:

The Four Gospels

The traditional author is listed after each entry.

  • The Gospel of Matthew, traditionally the Apostle Matthew, son of Alphaeus.
  • The Gospel of Mark, traditionally Mark, who wrote down the narrative given by the Apostle Simon, called Peter.
  • The Gospel of Luke, traditionally Luke, who was a companion of the Apostle Paul, who was formerly called Saul.
  • The Gospel of John, traditionally John the Apostle.

Acts of the Apostles

Pauline epistles

Pauline epistles, the 13 or 14 letters believed to be written by Saint Paul the Apostle

General epistles

General epistles are other Letters.

Book of Revelation