Matthew shows Jesus as God's anointed messiah mentioned in the prophesy.


He presents Christ as the messiah sent from God the redeemer of the world. The only way to salvation.


He presents Jesus Christ as the perfect son of God, son of man without any sins, and as God himself.


John present the messiah Jesus as the word of God, the only way to salvation and the three of life. Everyone who believes in him has eternal life.


Genesis is the foundation of the Hebrew-Christian faith. The story of creation. The fall of man. God creates man in His own image and likeness.


Exodus means "exit," and it refers to the Israelites' departure from bondage in Egypt.


God delivers the law and Levitical priesthood to Moses and the people, along with the 613 Laws that every man must know to be aware of our sinful nature.


This book summarizes the entire law given to Moses and the curses and blessings derived from the correct application or ignorance of the law.

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Reina Valera-King James [RV-KJV]

Our mission is to share the word of God to the world. We have a great family where Christ is our divine highpriest and God our heavenly father and you our reason for being active to share the life that God has given us together.

What We Do

Proclaim, Announce and Share God's Kingdom

  • Jesus Christ is the only way to salvation Acts 16:30-31
  • Sin separates us from God Romans 3:23
  • God took a human form and offered himself as a sacrifice to make you free Romans 5:t8
  • God Offers Freedom and Salvation Trought Christ John 1:12; 3:16; 5:24
  • Do you want freedom and eternal life? Come to Christ today 1John 5:13

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