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The Old Testament

The Foundations of the Christian Faith

The Bible is a book of history, records, genealogies and testimonies where God speaks to those who wants to life in a better world and do what is good and enjoy life sharing this blessings among themselves and to others. It is also a book of history that has been more than proven as a very reliable source of reference for the research of historial events. As a historical book it tells a series of stories in a linear. You should read from Genesis to Revelation in order to understand what the characters are saying. It is reccomended to read at least the five first books of the Bible known as the Torah that compile Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy.

It is better to read it directly because the interpretations are of many different nature and could be bias. Everyone agrees that the Holy Spirit should be requested to the Lord for guidance in praying in order to understand the messages.

List of Books: